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Campa Wheel Fit Tubeless and Standard Clincher


Campa Wheel Fits Tubeless and Standard Clincher

Campa Wheel Fit Tubeless and Standard Clincher

For 2009 Campagnolo has introduced its 2-Way Fit technology which allows the fitting of tubeless as well as standard clincher tyres. The use of tubeless tires reduces the risk of punctures and improves comfort but, above all, improves smoothness as most of the friction at tyre level is eliminated.

The rim employs Ultra-Fit Tubeless technology, which ensures a perfect tire seat on the rim. This new technology can be found on models including the Eurus. The Bora Ultra Two is aimed those looking the maximum aerodynamic performance in time trials and in triathlon.

High performance is also obtained from the hubs, made of structural carbon fibre with variable sections and spherical surfaces with Record mechanics.

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