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Detec Develops Light Weight Alloy/Carbon Rim


Detec Develops Light Weight Alloy/Carbon Rim

Detec Develops Light Weight Alloy/Carbon Rim

To improve the quality of alloy/carbon clinchers Detec has created a lighter alloy blend hoop which is integrated into the carbon rim itself. The main advantage of this technology is the higher strength of the wheel, allowing higher pressures than before.

According to Detec this carbon clincher tyre will not expand because of braking heat. This often occurs with carbon rims, resulting in breakage of the clincher wall.

Detec also offers a clincher wheelset with a carbon braking surface, giving it the appearance of a tubular. All Detec rims feature a 5.5 spoke hole and eyelet design. This design allows the nipple to rotate 360 degrees without extra stress on the nipple or spoke.

This has been found to reduce the amount of broken spokes. The Detec clincher wheelsets have passed the EU’s EN14781. Detec offers a road line comprising the U80, U60, U50, U38 (clincher type) and M58(tubular type), as well as the XC-20C full carbon MTB wheelset.

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