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Fulcrum Debuts in Freeride Segment


Fulcrum Debuts in Freeride Segment

Fulcrum Debuts in Freeride Segment

Fulcrum has managed to reduce the weight of its off-road wheelsets by reducing the number of spokes. Compared with Red Metal Zero wheels, four spokes have been removed from the front wheel and four from the rear.

According to Fulcrum this weight reduction does not affect the stability of the Red Carbon. The carbon rims have been designed asymmetrically. In the rear wheel the rim has been displaced to the right to recover the dish asymmetry caused by the presence of the sprocket set. At the front, the asymmetry is displaced to the disc brake side in order to obtain a wheel which is absolutely consistent when braking too. The Red Carbon set weighs just 1,450 grams.

In 2009 Fulcrum will debut in the freeride segment with a wheel conceived to provide the maximum performance in combination with low weight, even going downhill. The Red Fire has an anodized red rim made for tubeless tyres only, which, thanks to the Ultra-Fit Tubeless system, can adhere perfectly. Fulcrum has reduced the weight by milling the rim.

To permit better spoke balancing while leaving sufficient space for the disc brake and sprocket set the spoke holes have been drilled asymmetrical. To provide additional strength the Red Fire got a thru-axle in the front as well as the rear wheel. The two axles are 20 and 12 millimetres respectively. The front wheel weights 993 grams, the rear 1207 grams.

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