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Marchetti Launches All in 3 Concept


Marchetti Launches All in 3 Concept

Marchetti Launches All in 3 Concept

The Italian manufacturer of bicycle building machinery Marchetti has developed a new line of wheel assembling equipment. Together, the new ML 2001XT, the ML 113/SX9 and the ML 310/XPRO make up Marchetti’s ‘All in 3’ concept’.

These machines have been developed and built by Marchetti. The three main features are the flexibility, production efficiency and high quality of the final product. The lacing machine, the four headed tensioning machine and the truing robot need only three square meters making it a very efficient addition to the assembly operations of small bike manufacturers. The large capacity of the three machine combination also makes this new ‘All in 3’ concept very useful for large scale wheel assembly.

Since the start of the company in 1966 Marchetti has developed a full line of machinery covering nearly all operations in bicycle manufacturing. Currently the Italian company is one of the largest producers of bicycle of motorcycle production machinery worldwide in terms of product variety. Marchetti serves small, medium and large-scale manufacturers, from workshops turning out a dozen bicycles a day to mass production plants.

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