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Rolf Prima Offers Wheel Sets For All Levels


Rolf Prima Offers Wheel Sets For All Levels

Rolf Prima Offers Wheel Sets For All Levels

What began as a curious engineer’s infatuation with improving the established bicycle wheel in the early 1980s has evolved into one of the innovators in wheels design. By late 1997, Rolf’s patented designs gained worldwide acceptance and the Rolf brand of high performance bicycle wheel systems was established,from super-lightweight carbon fiber wheels that offer riding performance to the entry-level of hand-built alloy clinchers.

All Rolf Prima wheels are hand-built in Eugene, Oregon. Just as custom bicycle frame builders vary tube lengths and wall thickness to optimize weight to strength properties for various size riders, Rolf Prima varies the component specification on two of its high-end Vigor and Elan wheel models to better match wheel performance to the various needs of a broad range of cyclists.

Rolf Prima separates all wheels into two distinct categories called Aerodynamic and Lightweight. Aerodynamic category wheels are characterized by lower spoke counts, bladed spokes and internal spoke nipples for a distinct speed advantage over other wheels.

Lightweight category wheels are characterized by shallower rim profiles that are substantially lighter than typical aerodynamic rims and are ideal for climbing and the quick accelerations for racing in criteriums and road races. Rolf’s philosophy is deeper rims, internal nipples and lower spoke counts are the best way to increase aerodynamic performance in a bicycle wheel, without compromises in weight or stiffness.

The Carbon TT wheel system is the lowest spoke count wheel available, although it is not UCI legal for mass-start road events. The Carbon TT has unparalleled aerodynamic performance and a 58 millimeter carbon tubular rim. The set weighs only 1295 grams. All Carbon wheels feature US-made hubs with a titanium freehub.

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