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Herrmans Over the Counter Brands & Products


Herrmans Over the Counter Brands & Products

Herrmans Over the Counter Brands & Products

The Finnish component maker Herrmans offers two Aftermarket (OTC) brands. The handlebar grips come under the Dufva brand.

The grips are available in two line-ups; Attaque (red) and Comfort (yellow). For the entire Herrmans product range that next to grips consists of lights, chainguards, rimtapes and reflectors there is also the Herrmans brand with uniform packaging in the company’s blue/white colours.

The Primer Go Jet (see top pohot) is the latest in grips from Herrmans. The design is patented and this product offers the newest grip technology while the company calls it ‘the comfort choice’.

The Primer Go Jet is an adjustable ergonomic grip for excellent comfort. It has a locking system which allows the rider to adjust the grip to a personalized, perfect position. The package includes a pair, either 140/140mm or for shifts 140/110mm or 140/90mm.

The packaging of the Herrmans Primer Go Jet is special because it offers the possibility for the customer to feel the grip before buying. The other grip and the end plugs are enclosed by the packaging which is a high-end blister 211 mm wide and 237 mm high. The blister offers all the information on the product including all features.

New in its OTC line-up of Herrmans is also the patented rear safety light for mounting on the saddle rail called H-Rail. The light has an integrated E IV A approved rear reflector and comes with a steady/flashing mode. Packaging is a nice window-box that offers visibility on the product. The box is 74mm wide and 135mm high and the backside offers instructions for mounting, use and change of batteries.

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