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PRO Expands Line-Up with MTB Components


PRO Expands Line-Up with MTB Components

PRO Expands Line-Up with MTB Components

This year PRO extends its core-business of handlebars, stems, and seat posts with a full line up of MTB components. PRO is introducing XCR (see photo), Koryak and FRS as well as the Vibe line-up of racing components and the new Missile Monocoque S-Bend Aerobars.

Also new are the SX4 bike computers with their striking small size and sleek design. These simple and smart computers offer seven different functions and are available in both wired and wireless version.

The pump-range is extended with two new CO2 Go mini-pumps and have an alloy or carbon barrel. These can be used both as an instant controllable CO2 inflator and as a high pressure hand pump. These pumps are patented for their innovative Magnet Lock System.

In cooperation with a hi-end carbon-specialist who designs and manufactures carbon products for the automotive industry and for Formula 1 teams as well as Theo Bos, PRO has tested and refined the designs of the carbon wheels carefully. The outcome is state-of-the-art aerodynamics with an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio to suit all levels.

Together with Olympic silver triathlete Simon Whitfield and Theo Bos PRO has expanded its Star Series. Professional racing teams like Rabobank, Columbia and Francaise des Jeux have provided the necessary feedback for PRO to design components that are champion-worthy.

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