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PRO Team Clothing Now Available For Consumers


PRO Team Clothing Now Available For Consumers

PRO Team Clothing Now Available For Consumers

For 2009 Shimano Cycling Wear has developed the team clothing for the Skil-Shimano team, the Shimano Japan team, and the Track & Cyclocross team AA drink.

The team of Shimano Cycling Wear is in direct contact with these teams to create the most innovative and durable products for the worlds’ toughest bike races. For all these teams Shimano Cycling Wear developed every apparel item you can think of which can be used during a race or training session.

These collections ranges from hot condition jerseys, to time-trial suits, socks, shoe covers to gloves. Usually the complete collection for a road racing team consists of over 25 different items. The feedback from the riders about the performance of the clothing is used for the next years’ Shimano Cycling Wear collection and to improve next year’s team outfits.

For instance the Shimano hot condition bib short and jersey in the Summer collection which are directly inspired and developed from a Skil-Shimano hot condition set used in the races in Asia under very warm conditions. Another example is the Dura-Ace/ Shimano / XTR jerseys and bib shorts. These are direct takedowns of the jerseys and bib shorts used by the teams.

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