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Reusable Mask For Cycling In Polluted Cities


Reusable Mask For Cycling In Polluted Cities

Reusable Mask For Cycling In Polluted Cities

Cycling in polluted cities is not always that comfortable, even in Europe. Bikers are directly exposed to exhaust gases. The newly developed reusable mask, the Totobobo might give some relief.

The mask can fit almost any adult or child from age 5 and comes standard with one type of filter (TTF-94) which has a filtration efficiency of 94% (max. 6% leak). Tests indicate that this is the best balance between protection and ease of breathing.

The electro-static charged filter material can filter fine particles down to 0.3 microns or even smaller. If necessary, it is possible to put two layers of filters to achieve 99% filtration efficiency.

Testing according to the TSI Porta Count fit test system has confirmed the level of protection. Each filter pair has a retail price of approximately € 1.10. The duration of use depends on the environment. The filter should be changed if it turns a gray or dark gray colour. However, it should not be used for more than 1 month regardless of colour change.

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