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Shimano Launches New Deore


This years New Product Presentation by Shimano was strongly focused on the trekking and hybrid segments. Of course many other new products were also on display, but the main issue for us was the introduction of Deore for trekking and hybrid bikes.

Shimano Launches New Deore

This year’s New Product Presentation by Shimano was strongly focused on the trekking and hybrid segments. Of course many other new products were also on display, but the main issue for us was the introduction of Deore for trekking and hybrid bikes.

Styled in an aggressive gloss black and silver, the new Deore is Shimano’s workhorse group, with a wide range of components for mountain biking, trekking and hybrid bikes. Deore components for mountain bikes feature many technologies introduced in Shimano’s high-end MTB groups over the last few years. For example, the group offers the Shadow rear derailleur, 2-Way Release Rapidfire Plus shifters and 2-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

But Deore also brings new technologies, like improved oil routing for the disc brakes. This new oil routing through the caliper allows better bleeding to ensure that no air bubbles are left in the caliper. The brake levers have been developed with a tool-less reach adjust and an open clamp band with hinge construction. Of course also a V-brake version will be available and hubs with and without center lock mount for disc brakes.

The new Deore MTB crankset FC-M590 has a two-piece solid crank arm construction with outboard bearings and an integrated bottom bracket for increased rigidity with less weight. The available gearing options are 44-32-22T and 48-36-26T. This crankset will be available in black and silver. The Deore MTB version will be available by June 2009.


Shimano also developed Deore components specifically for trekking and hybrid bicycles. Examples are a conventional rear derailleur and an integrated shifter/brake lever set with a large optical gear display. It features a 3-finger lever blade with an integrated bumper stop for relaxed and silent riding. The Deore crankset FC-M591 for this market segment has a 2-piece construction with outboard bearings.

Furthermore this group set features Hyperdrive technology. The chainrings have an aluminium outer ring featuring a new chain guard design with a 48T version. The gearing options are the same as the MTB version: 44-32-22T, 48-36-26T. Deore for trekking and hybrid bikes will be available in galaxy black and silver. Of course it is compatible with the use of a chain case. The Deore trekking and hybrid version will be available by August 2009. Last year’s introduced Deore LX for trekking bikes has been updated, including clean blending disc brakes callipers.

In the comfort components segment the roller brake design has been overhauled. The BR-IM80 has a new cooling fin, brake arm and cap design. The more linear character of the new brake shoe and the cam structure provides more braking power while the cable fixing structure has been changed as well.

The colour white is still very trendy in the bicycle industry. Therefore Shimano has developed a white/bronze coloured version of the popular mid-range cross-country brake lever BL-M575 and calliper BR-M575. The MTB sport brake lever BL-M486 and calliper BR-M486 comes in a black and white combination.

The 29-inch segment is a big hit in the US market. To meet demand specifically for this market Shimano has launched a group of 29-inch components. These are the 12-36T cassette and a set with a front and rear hub. The main feature of this rear hub is the additional strength for use at high torque and low gear ratio applications. The front and rear hub both come with Shimano’s center lock rotor mount system.

The 15 mm thru-axle launched by Shimano in cooperation with Fox last year has been picked up very quickly by the market. This new open standard has many advantages. Also for the new SLX group set, Shimano now offers a 15 mm thru-axle and center lock. For the city and trekking segment requiring less rigidity, Shimano has developed a hub dynamo and a front hub with an 8 mm thru-axle and center lock for disc brake usage.

New road race segment

For the entry level road race market, Shimano has launched a completely new group set: the 2300 series. The technology of the components is based upon high-end Shimano component groups while the price level makes them affordable for a wider market.

The design of this 8-speed group is characterized by silver shapes that will upgrade the look and feel of many entry-level bicycles. Shimano 2300 series will be available in a double (52-39T) and a triple (52-42-30T) version. Both cranksets feature SG-X chainrings with integrated shift ramps for great front shifting performance. These cranksets will be available in 170 and 175 mm crank arm lengths and can be used in combination with square taper bottom bracket BB-UN26.

The Dual Control Levers have been developed with a reach adjustment mechanism to suit riders with smaller hands and they feature an integrated optical gear display. The 8-speed rear derailleur has a wide link design for increased rigidity to further improve shifting performance. The 2300 series will be available next July.


Shimano introduces two medium range wheel sets. First the WH-MT65, a UST Tubeless compatible wheel set for disc brake usage that will be available with center lock or 6 bolt rotor mount systems. This wheel has straight pull spokes for increased durability and the set weighs 1796 grams.

They feature a crossed spoke lacing pattern for high torsional rigidity. WH-MT65 has 24 round, stainless steel spokes in the front and the rear wheel. This wheel set has been designed with black rims and spokes and trendy white decals. Second is the WH-MT15 with center lock system for disc brake usage. The set weighs 1982 grams and comes with black rims and 28 stainless steel spokes with white decals.


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