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Store Your Bikes In Style


Store Your Bikes In Style

Store Your Bikes In Style

The English company Cycloc has developed a stylish item to store a bike at home or as a attractive shop display. The wall mounted Cycloc has already received several industry awards for its form and function but sales within the bike retail have not picked up yet.

The Cycloc was already on display at Selfridges London in September 2007. The Cycloc’s unique shape, combined with the bike’s own weight, holds it instantly in place, and it even leaves room to attach a normal bike lock for security.

Wall mounting a bike wins back floor space at home and in shops. It has a built-in storage space which is is ideal for keeping lights, gloves and other cycling accessories.

The Cycloc is strongly constructed and fits a wide range of bike frames. A matching insert panel neatly conceals the fixings and slotted mounting holes allow Cycloc to rotate to suit the angle of the top tube. The black colored Cycloc is produced from 100% recycled post industrial plastic.

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