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Trelock Doubles Performance of LED Headlight


Trelock Doubles Performance of LED Headlight

Trelock Doubles Performance of LED Headlight

The Ecopower is Trelock’s latest addition to its powerful headlight range. The new high-performance LED LS 740 Ecopower2 provides more safety when cycling in the dark.

The company presents the front head light as a further development of the existing Ecopower series. Compared to this battery head light, this new version has double the range and lights considerably longer.

In the ‘Power’ mode, approximately 7 hours of full lighting power up to 20 Lux can be achieved. This output is twice as high as demanded by the German traffic regulations (StVZO).

The ‘Eco’ mode is more than sufficient for inner-city use, and provides up to 70 hours without the need to change or recharge batteries. The considerably improved lighting performance is due to the Booster Lens developed by Trelock, together with an efficient energy management system.

The charge time for the four batteries is just 3 hours when using the Trelock ZL 503 charger. The lamp is maintenance free for its entire lifetime, lights to the sides for increased passive safety as well, and has a large on and off switch with a protector to prevent unintentional activation.

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