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Shimano Launching Ultegra Pedals


Shimano Launching Ultegra Pedals

Shimano Launching Ultegra Pedals

The completely renewed Ultegra groupset is the big news from Shimano at this autumn chow. The Ultegra line offers a wide range of component options to suit all kinds of road cyclists, from enthusiasts to hard-core racers.

The road racing components have been completely revamped, bringing an increased level of perfection, similar to the improvements made in the new Dura-Ace 7900 series. The design of the duotone silver color finish Ultegra 6700 series is inspired by aerodynamics with a weight reduction of over 150 grams compared to the previous 6600 series.

At the Ultegra level Shimano has also launched special pedals: the PD-6700 and PD-R670. These new pedals are perfect for Elite and other serious riders because they feature extra wide platforms creating a much more efficient power transfer compared to traditional pedal systems. Besides the 6700 cosmetics, these pedals also have the usual features such as adjustable entry and release tension settings and stainless steel body cover plate for optimum performance.

New to the Ultegra level pedal family is the PD-A600 SPD pedal, which combines performance and light weight with SPD functionality, allowing the use of recessed style shoe soles and a more comfortable cleat engagement of the pedal system, combined with the walk-ability of Shimano’s off-road systems.

As a result Shimano claims the new A600 is the ideal multipurpose performance pedal, usable for any purpose from Granfondo to racing.


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