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Gates Belt System Targets Specific Segments


Gates Belt System Targets Specific Segments

Gates Belt System Targets Specific Segments

The question why belt drive systems are not generally used in various bike segments is frequently asked. In particular because they offer outstanding characteristics for durability, weight compared to conventional chains a and sprockets, noise and above all belt drives keep the biker and his clothes clean as they don’t not require any grease. Belts are used in many different industries and products, not only cars.

Although several attempts have been made to introduce them in the bicycle industry, the belt drive has not been successful yet. Delta Cycle Corporation has set itself a target to change that. The US based company developed the Carbondrive System which has put its first successful steps on the bicycle market recently. All components of the Carbondrive System are made in the US for maintaining a high quality standard.

Frank Scurlock of Delta Cycle Corporation says: “The Carbondrive System has all the named advantages over the conventional chain, but it cannot replace it in all segments, like Mountainbiking or road racing. It is an addition to the existing drive train systems. Our main segments are commuter and folding bikes, as these benefit most of the belt drive advantages.”

Critics on belts always point to their vulnerability to wear and tear. Scurlock says on this: “Using a Carbondrive System requires a different handling compared to a chain, for example the non-alignment of frames. Of course a frame needs to have tolerances and the Carbondrive System adjusts them properly within limits. However the beltline has to be accurately aligned and permits just a minimum of frame flex, particularly at the bottom bracket and the dropouts. If you don’t stay within those limits the belt and sprocket will wear extremely. Belts are vulnerable to mistreatment. There are examples of people using a screwdriver to set the belt, as they are used to do with a conventional chain. You can’t do that with a belt.”

The Carbondrive System requires specific frame design and special bike assembly. As the belt cannot be opened for installation, the rear end of the frame should either be able to be opened at the rear dropout or have an elevated chainstay design. The frame design must also allow for a method of adjusting the tension of the belt during installation in time of the bike assembly. Finally the appropriately length of the belt has to match the specific gearing systems although Carbondrive System is compatible with all common gear hubs on the market.



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