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Next Generation NuVinci Hub Launched at FietsVak


Next Generation NuVinci Hub Launched at FietsVak

Next Generation NuVinci Hub Launched at FietsVak

Before the official launch at the Taipei International Cycle Show next March Fallbrook has presented the next generation of NuVinci’s continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission hub to Dutch trade visitors at the FietsVak show in the Netherlands last January. The Dutch market has been very important for Fallbrook. Since its beginning in 2006, the CVP technology was embraced by Batavus and with the launch of the new N360, Batavus GM Rob Beset expressed his intentions to spec this hub on an e-Bike.

“We have started an exclusive e-bike project to be the first with an e-bike that doesn’t shift gears, but is being equipped with a continuously variable transmission,” says Rob Beset. “Hopefully we can finalise this project by next April. It is such a revolutionary development that we will perhaps introduce this e-bike by mid summer and not necessarily wait until the dealer shows in September.”

Next to Batavus, also Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles and Derby Cyle announced to spec the new N360. “Our new Enlightenment is an urban-style bike that is fully capable of going off-road,” said Tony Ellsworth, president of Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles. “We wanted The Enlightenment to work for a wide range of riders and road conditions, so the lighter weight and easy shifting of the N360 made it the obvious choice.” "Derby Cycle plans to have this year high-end lightweight city bikes and E-bikes equipped with the new NuVinci N360 gearless transmission", said Stefan Mang, Product Manager Raleigh at Derby Cycle Werke GmbH.

The first generation CVP hub was hampered by some drawbacks in the design. The hub was regarded as a little too heavy and for many bikers the shifter was not very user-friendly. NuVinci worked on both issues and also improved many other aspects of the hub, making the N360 a complete new type of hub. It is not only 30% lighter in weight than its predecessor, but it looks much slimmer and has been equipped with a new easier-to-use shifter.

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