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Diamondback back in Europe


Raleigh is renewing and reviving Diamondback’s image in Europe. In an ever more segmented field Diamondback is back.

Diamondback back in Europe

Leicestershire , UK – Raleigh is renewing and reviving Diamondback’s image in Europe. In an ever more segmented field Diamondback is back.

John Macnaughtan, Managing Director of Raleigh International, explained: "The static sales of Diamondback in Europe will continue unless the brand returns to its roots as a world leader in all daring cycle sports. Diamondback, once the world champion of BMX and MTB biking, is again the choice of Martyn Ashton (UK MTB and Trials legend) and ‘King of Dirt’ Sam Pilgrim.”

According to Macnaughtan, the products the athletes ride need to become available to all. So the Raleigh Group has invested in new technology such as the full suspension Knucklebox system, strength-enhanced componentry and the gravity beating frame designs.

This technology now needs marketing and to do this Raleigh have teamed up with MTI, the UK Sales and Marketing company specialising in bikes and headed by Neal Holdsworth (formerly Product Director with Raleigh), to represent Diamondback and Avenir for Western Europe.

Neal Holdsworth: "This is a very exciting opportunity for my company as the brand has strong recognition throughout the world and the new products within the new range will ensure Diamondback stands out from its competitors. 2011 products are already rolling off the production lines so with the change in distribution and marketing we will meet the key timescales of the cycle industry.”

Diamondback will be promoted in consumer magazines backed up by a full merchandising package for Distributors and a new fully interactive website for Europe. The new website will be able to show individual shops in each country, allow blogging by Team and sponsored riders and show You Tube videos".

The new European range will be heavily linked to the Diamondback UK range and includes specialist models from the US range such as the Mission, Sortie and Race BMX models. To support the bikes Distributors will have the option to sell Diamondback branded BMX parts and Avenir accessories. All products will be available on a direct shipment basis or ex-UK warehouse.

"We are looking to build a strong network of Distributors who will ensure that this USA West Coast brand is relevant to every European region’s needs and look to build sales gradually. By working together with existing and new Distributors I am sure we will be able to penetrate strategic markets and take the brand to new levels" says Neal.

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