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Selle Royal Improves the Anatomical Saddle


Selle Royal Improves the Anatomical Saddle

Saddles with anatomical cut-outs have become increasingly popular, but everyday practice reveals some cyclists suffer from saddle soreness in another way. Anatomical saddles cause pressure to concentrate in other areas, especially along the sides of the buttocks.

The latest line of saddles by Selle Royal Ergogel is designed to address this issue. The anatomical cut-out of Ergogel contains a Plugin of very soft gel that does not compress the genital area, but rather offers support. Pressure is spread out evenly across the buttocks.

The Plugin (or filling) is made of Royalgel™, Selle Royal’s patented soft gel that comes from Bayer, Germany. The Plugin is easily removable. So if it needs to be replaced after extensive use  it can be exchanged quickly for a new one without tools.

The PlugIn Royalgel Insert permits different densities in the saddle to deliver the appropriate level of cushioning to the different contact points of the cyclist. The Plugin Insert has a unique ability to distribute the pressure of the cyclist’s weight in 3 different direction: horizontal, vertical and lateral for maximum comfort.



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