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SR Suntour Dealer Workshops Tour a Big Success


SR Suntour Dealer Workshops Tour a Big Success

The European headquarters for Taiwaneses suspension maker SR Suntour organized a series of dealer workshops to help them get the latest information and training on service and maintenance of SR Suntour suspension products.

The workshops were held in 8 cities in Germany (Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig, München, Stuttgart, Schweinfurt und Oldenburg) and for the first time, two dealer workshops were also held in Austria, in cooperation with KTM bicycles. Demand for the four-hour long free training sessions was so great that 2 workshops had to be scheduled in some of the locations.

“We welcomed over 540 dealers,” said Bernhard Scholz, Service Manager for SR Suntour Europe. “Even we were a bit surprised about such a high response. Anyhow we were really happy that so many dealers took the chance to learn more about our products. The big success showed us that it was the right decision. We are planning to increase the tour to other European countries within the next years.”



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