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Next-Generation Gocycle Ahead


Next-Generation Gocycle Ahead

Karbon Kinetics Ltd. (KKL) recently released the pre-production specification for Gocycle G2—the new model of Gocycle built on the award-winning, first-generation Gocycle (G1) electric two-wheeler.

Gocycle G2 leverages KKL’s experience and investments in design, advanced materials and manufacturing technology and is the next step forward in the Gocycle product roadmap, employing cutting-edge technology such as electronic shifting, integrated dashboard, torque sensing for the pedals, lithium battery power and multiple user driving modes.

According to Richard Thorpe, founder of KKL and designer of Gocycle, “We have taken all of our experience with G1 and improved the product comprehensively. Customers will notice the user enhancements, lighter weight and increased performance. Our resellers will see greater margins, better serviceability and greater reliability.”

In 2012, KKL will introduce two versions of the G2: the G2R (retailprice € 2,499) and the G2S (retailprice € 1,999). In 2013, the company will add a third entry-level version. Thorpe continued, “G2 is a remarkable product and takes the G1 platform to significantly better levels of design integration, performance and reliability. The G2 lithium battery will improve performance and lower the weight. G1 customers will be able to retro-upgrade this lithium battery pack, as well as new G2 accessories such as a luggage rack platform.”



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