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BMW Steps in Electric Scooters


BMW is presenting, An e-scooter concept vehicle that should close the gap between smaller scooters and cars in urban areas. An interesting technical feature of BMWs e-scooter is that…

BMW Steps in Electric Scooters


MUNICH, Germany – BMW is presenting, “An e-scooter concept vehicle that should close the gap between smaller scooters and cars in urban areas.” An interesting technical feature of BMW’s e-scooter is that the battery casing is used as an integral part of the frame.

The R&D for BMW’s electric maxi scooters is done by the company’s division that is also working of electric cars. The e-scooter concept vehicle that is now presented provides the necessary output and maximum speed for safe and reliable overtaking on urban motorways and also when carrying two people.

The high-storage capacity of the Li-Ion battery pack allows a daily driving range of 100 kilometers. The battery pack can be charged at any regular household power sockets. The charging period of a complete flat battery is “less than three hours”, states BMW. Maximum speed of the new e-maxi scooter is 130 km/h.

Unlike existing maxi-scooters with combustion engines, BMW’s concept vehicle does not have a one-piece frame. “Instead, the aluminum battery casing — which also contains the electronic system required for battery cell monitoring – takes over the function of the frame. The steering head support is connected to it, as is the rear frame and the left-hand mounted single swing arm with directly hinged, horizontally installed shock absorber,” is noted by BMW.

Due to its high output, “This concept vehicle has no hub motor with direct drive or planetary gearbox. Instead, the high-performance electric machine is mounted behind the battery casing. The secondary drive consists of a toothed belt from the electric machine to the belt pulley mounted coaxially on the swinging fork pivot with drive pinion. From here, power transmission occurs via roller chain to the rear wheel.”

Moreover this new e-maxi scooter is the first two-wheel vehicle with electric drive, “With standards established by the leading automobile manufacturers relating to high voltage safety (> 60V) and functional reliability.” BMW did not reveal when its maxi e-scooter will go in production.

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