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Accell Group, Rock Shox and Trelock Partner to Develop Smart Shock


SCHWEINFURT, Germany –Haibike recently presented the first smart shock system for mountainbikes, the e:i shock. It took five years to develop this new system together with Rock Shox and Trelock. It was launched together with two other Accell Group brands, Lapierre and Ghost.

Accell Group, Rock Shox and Trelock Partner to Develop Smart Shock

“The e:i shock stands for an accurate technology, which guaranties the cyclist an uphill and downhill performance without regulating the shock by hand”, explains Christian Malik Product Manager at Haibike.


Three sensors

“This is possible by three sensors on the bike which recognize and capture speed, acceleration, so to say the beats on the fork, as well as the pedaling frequency regularly. These records will be converted in the e:i shock controller. The full automatic system regulates the damper considering the terrain conditions.”


The e:i shock weights 350 gram and the battery mounted on the frame lasts up to 25 hour. Haibike will use this innovation as a standard feature on their top models Heet, Sleek 26 and Sleek 29 in the 2013 range.


Strong partners

Winora Group CEO Susanne Puello: “With the e:i shock we are demonstrating once again what is still possible in the sportive mountainbike sector. One of the greatest strength of the Accell Group is to drive innovations forward and to introduce them to the market. Together with our strong partners Rock Shox and Trelock we were able to improve the ride comfort as well as the performance and to go a major step further.”

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