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Ashima Takes Over Baradine


CHAUNGHUA, Taiwan – Ashima Ltd from Taiwan, reputed for its (disc) brakes has taken over Baradine Rubber Industry Co. Ltd. Baradine is renowned for its extensive range of brake shoes and disc brake pads which the company sells for OEM production as well as in the Aftermarket.

Ashima Takes Over Baradine

That the take-over by brake producer Ashima of brake shoes and brake pads maker Baradine is a perfect fit, is clear. Ashima GM Wayne Moore says, “The purchase will have long term benefits for the customers of both companies as it will combine Ashima’s renowned design and development capabilities with Baradine’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the production of friction products, guaranteed to deliver enhanced services and parts to our customers.”

Business as usual
Wayne Moore furthers with, “We want to clarify there will be no affect or change, now or in the future, on either of our existing partnership for Baradine distribution, or on the supply of parts for ODM/OEM. You can rest assured that it will be business as usual, and we’re confident as we build on the relationship in the future you’ll consider this change to be beneficial.”

Operated separately
Wayne Moore: “The two companies and brands Ashima and Baradine will be operated separately and we can assure you no conflict or contradiction will occur now or in the future. So, for customers of both companies this acquisition will have no impact and our teams at both production sites we’ll endeavor to make the transition as seamless as possible.”

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