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Campagnolo Stops with Sportswear


VICENZA, Italy – Drive train component specialist Campagnolo wants to focus completely on their core business. Therefore Campagnolo recently decided to stop all their sportswear activities.

Campagnolo Stops with Sportswear
Campagnolo Sportswear

In 2003 Campagnolo presented its first high tech cycling wear collection. After ten years the Italian company pulls back from the apparel market in order to concentrate on their main product lines: drive train component.

Pascal Arts of Campagnolo Sportswear Benelux regrets Campagnolo’s decision to discontinue the sportswear division. “We have been discussing the complete or partial acquisition of Campagnolo Sportswear Srl or to obtain a license for the Benelux”, says Pascal Arts.

“On August 4 Valentino Campagnolo decided not to sell the company or license the brand name.”

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