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Mongolia Tour Puts Bosch System to the Test


Bike Europe correspondent Susanne Brüsch and expedition leader Ondra Veltrusky crossed breath-taking scenery from Mongolia’s geographical center to the old capital Karakorum on speed pedelecs.

Mongolia Tour Puts Bosch System to the Test
Tour de Mongolia

The Berlin-based team truly put Bosch’s most powerful propulsion system to the test – fording rivers and climbing steep hills. Using solar panels mounted on trailers to charge the bike batteries and other devices, the founders of Pedelec Adventures were able to supply all their electrical energy from the sun – an entirely self-sufficient way to travel.

Hills and valleys, heat and hail were all part of Tour de Mongolia! They rode through the wilderness of central Mongolia on a brand-new cross bike from Kreidler and a touring bike from Riese & Müller. Both pedelecs were equipped with Bosch’s most powerful propulsion system. With the help of an extra 350-500 watts, allowing for speeds of up to 45km/h, the team crossed meadows and marshes, stony fields and loose sand, flooded paths and rivers.

Mules and mobile charging stations
The one-wheel trailers from Tout Terrain served as ‘mules’ and mobile charging stations. For this trip, electric bike specialist Ecomo21 had specially equipped the trailers with swiveling solar panels. Thanks to the ability to keep the panels constantly tilted in the direction of the most sunlight, all energy needs were covered by solar power.

The vehicles withstood all challenges without any major breakdowns. The greatest surprise was that the team could easily keep up with horses if they were just trotting. When they started galloping, however, indeed a few watts to keep pace lacked. The biggest challenge was a steep incline of over 1000 meters difference in altitude. While carrying 50kg of baggage (each!) uphill, the team really drove the powerful pedelecs to their limits, not to mention themselves!

Meet us @ Eurobike:
The Tour de Mongolia vehicles will be exhibited at the Ecomo21 booth FGO 309 (near the E-Bike Test Track). Susanne Brüsch will present a short speech at the Travel Talk Congress in the Conference Center Foyer East on 31 August 2012, at 12:00 a.m. The topic is: Quality has many faces – international comparison of e-bike requirements. Tour de Mongolia was one way to prove quality.

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