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Benchmark Drives to Sell Protanium in Germany


HOFHEIM, Germany – Benchmark Drives obtained the exclusive sales rights for Protanium’s new shaft drive system in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Benchmark Drives to Sell Protanium in Germany
Protanium shaft drive system

The recently introduced Protanium shaft drive system offers various technical advantages, mainly a result of the completely sealed system. The intelligent construction, which combines the benefits of the motor and the shaft drive, protects the system with an integrated controller from dirt.

According to Benchmark Drives this construction leads to a better durability and less maintenance, while it offers more efficiency (92%) through direct power transmission.

Coaster brake
A double planet gear enables a high torque of up to 63Nm, which is controlled exactly to the rider’s needs by an optical speed and torque sensor. The motor, which offers nine support modes, operates directly onto the cardan shaft. A main feature of the drive system is the low weight enabling a very compact construction. Another advantage is the option to use it in combination with a coaster brake.

According to Benchmark Drives the first e-bikes with the shaft drive will be available on the market in 2013.

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