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Giant and Yamaha Join Forces in E-Bike Development


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany –Eurobike saw the first results of an agreement between Yamaha Motor and Giant Manufacturing to develop and manufacture e-bikes. According to company statements the agreement includes OEM supply of Yamaha power assisted bicycle drive units as well as the joint development of e-bikes.

Giant and Yamaha Join Forces in E-Bike Development
Yamaha e-bike motor

Both company’s intent to establish a long-term relationship based on the corresponding marketing strategies of Yamaha, with its specialization in mid motors and intent to expand its market in Europe, and Giant, with its desire to expand its business in the German market where this type of drive unit is predominant.

First results
The contract primarily involves Giant Electric Vehicle in China (Kunshan) and Giant Manufacturing in Taichung, Taiwan, developing frames, batteries, displays, covers, etc. for e-bikes while Yamaha Motor is in charge of drive unit development.

Since the signing of the joint development contract, product development work has been proceeding and Giant presented the Twist Freedom 0 CS featuring a Yamaha drive unit at Eurobike last week.

OEM supply
As part of the company’s growth strategy, Yamaha is currently pursuing the expansion of domestic sales but also supplying drive units on an OEM basis. Additional efforts include strengthening and expanding tie-ups with bicycle makers and engaging in OEM supply of drive units to Europe. Yamaha’s aim is to achieve a market volume of 100,000 units in total OEM supply to Europe by 2015.

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