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Voltage Cycles & AllCell Partner in E-bikes


CHICAGO, USA – Two North American companies, Voltage Cycles and AllCell Technologies have entered into a product development partnership agreement to advance development of electronic propulsion systems for electric bikes.

Voltage Cycles & AllCell Partner in E-bikes
Voltage Cycles e-bike

The goal of the partnership is to develop and advance propulsion systems based on the only electric bike battery with a thermal management system that can meet the demands of everyday use in the mainstream transportation market. In a statement both companies say that “the combination of Voltage Cycles’ iconic design and AllCell’s compact, lightweight, and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries will allow the partners to produce a truly unique electric bike.”

Partner with knowledge and vision
The battery is the heart of any electrical propulsion system, and based on the technically challenging in-frame battery placement, Voltage Cycles knew they needed to work with a battery technology leader to develop their new vehicle.

To develop a robust electrical drivetrain solution designed for the personal e-mobility mass market Voltage Cycles was looking for a partner with the knowledge and vision. Following a vendor review, Voltage selected AllCell as their battery and development partner based on AllCell’s thermal management technology and engineering team. AllCell will have a Voltage Cycle on display at their booth at the upcoming Interbike in Las Vegas.

Highly reliable
“Voltage Cycles envisions the electric bike being a mainstream solution for personal transportation on the new road ahead,” said Martin Schlesinger, President of Voltage Cycles. “To meet the demands of everyday use, Voltage Cycles needs a battery based propulsion system that is highly reliable across a wide range of environments, and that can provide thousands of cycles of charging and discharging.”

“AllCell’s patented phase change material (PCM) technology is an ideal fit for the new Voltage e-bike. By rapidly absorbing and distributing heat away from the lithium-ion cells in the battery, AllCell’s PCM protects the cells from heat generated during battery discharge as well as from external heat sources, dramatically improving the battery’s cycle life.”

“Voltage Cycles has developed one of the most creative new designs we have seen lately,” added AllCell CEO Said Al-Hallaj. “We are happy to launch our collaboration with such an innovative and visionary partner. Their electric bikes will immediately benefit from the extended drive range and cycle life provided by our proprietary lithium-ion batteries.”

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