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Biketec/Flyer Starts EU Service Subsidiary


HUTWIL, Switzerland/BACKNANG, Germany – Flyer e-bikes manufacturer Biketec AG from Switzerland has established a service subsidiary for the European markets. The new company is based in Backnang, Germany and is headed by Biketec’s longtime international sales manager Thomas Hummel (photo).

Biketec/Flyer Starts EU Service Subsidiary
Biketec AG’s international sales manager is heading the new subsidiary Flyer Service GmbH based in Germany.

Flyer Service GmbH is based near Stuttgart because most of its attention is on the big German e-bike market. The wholly owned Biketec subsidiary is established to give the best support to Flyer dealers; also in after sales service, “In Europe and especially in Germany”.

Increased service
Flyer Service GmbH is to increase: “Delivery rates; overall return of warranty claims as well as the general service quality. We want to belong to the best service and spare parts specialists in our industry”, states Flyer Service MD Thomas Hummel.  The Flyer Service GmbH team is completed with Tim Sanna (workshop service leader) and Horst Steiner (fleet service, trade shows and events). Support from Switzerland comes from Fabian Hofstetter (coordination of sales promotion activities) and Tanja Partanen.

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