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Cube Forecasts 25% Growth for 2013


WALDERSHOF, Germany – Bicycle manufacturer Cube’s expansion strategy is paying off, says Marcus Pürner, who founded Cube in 1993. His company is to sell 320,000 bikes this year. The 2013 forecast includes a big 25% growth.

Cube Forecasts 25% Growth for 2013
Cube’s 2013 forecast includes a big 25% growth.

According to a report in local newspaper ‘Frankenpost’, the German and European market have top priority for Cube. To support the company’ growth strategy Cube invested € 3.7 million in logistics and production capacity.

Significant cost savings
“The expansion in logistics area is necessary to ensure storage at one site”, says Pürner. “In the past, we rented a warehouse off site to store the produced wheels and parts on stock. The centralization will result in significant cost savings. We invested € 3.7 million in the new building, including the expansion of the production capacity and solar energy.”

According to the newspaper report Cube plans production and sale of 400,000 bikes in 2013. “The trend for the future of our industry is e-bikes”, states Pürner. “But also the opportunities for our company in sales and production in the Far East should not be neglected. I even would not rule out the possibility to produce entry level Cube bikes in low cost countries in the future.”

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