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Pantherwerke Stops Production in Germany


LÖHNE, Germany – Last Saturday the last bicycle came of the production lines of Pantherwerke AG in Löhne, Germany. After several weeks of negotiations with the Works Council , the company closed its production in Germany mid-December.

Pantherwerke Stops Production in Germany
“We want to expand our OEM business and concentrate on the production and development of e-bikes”, said CEO Michael Schminke.

“With the shutdown of the production in Germany we optimize our production capacity in Siauliai (Lithuania) and Zabreh (Czech Republic) and focus our core tasks of management in Germany”, said CEO Michael Schminke (photo). “We want to concentrate our production in order to anticipate faster on market changes like new concepts on the usage of bicycles and electric mobility.”

Aligning production facilities
“Modern mobility concepts and bike rental systems, for example in cities, are increasingly in demand. To meet requirements of these systems and the necessary specialization and ICT, we are now better able to align the group’s production facilities”, explains Michael Schminke.

Concentration on e-bikes
He continues: “In the future we want to expand our OEM business and concentrate on the production and development of e-bikes. Therefore we will continue to develop and expand our brand Panterra as customized vehicle concepts used on the market for electric mobility concepts.”

The closure of the production in Löhne was already announced last July, but could not be implemented before an agreement was reached between management and employees. This agreement stipulates that 61 people will lose their job. In Löhne about 50 jobs will remain in management, product development, sales and support.

One of largest IBD suppliers in Germany
Founded in 1896, the Pantherwerke AG is one of the largest IBD suppliers in Germany. Pantherwerke AG runs sister companies in Lithuania (UAB Baltic Vairas) and in Czech Republic (Master Bike sro) with an annual production of 450,000 bicycles.

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