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Polygon and Marin Set Course for Europe


FÜRTH, Germany – Zentro Porindis officially started on January 1, 2013 as a new sales and distribution company in Germany. The company handles the distribution of the US MTB brand Marin in the German-speaking markets and debuts with the Indonesian Polygon brand in Europe.

Polygon and Marin Set Course for Europe
Initially consultant of Polygon in Europe and now GM of the European sales and distribution company Zentro Porindis GmbH: José-Javier Garcia Gutiérrez.

Zentro Porindis GmbH

On 22 August 2012 Zentro Porindis GmbH was registered in Giessen, Germany; the hometown of the Polygon consultant for Europe; José-Javier Garcia Gutiérrez. He is GM and shareholder of the new company. Zentro Porindis GmbH shares in Fürth, Germany an office with distributor Aybee Sports.

Bernd Adamski is behind Aybee Sports; Marin distributor for the German speaking markets and since February 2012 also for Quintana Roo. While the situation for the US triathlon brand Quintana Roo will not change;  Marin will be moved to Zentro Porindis (short for ‘POlygon maRIN DIStribution’). In February 2012 Marin was bought by Minestone Ltd.

One European sales and distribution roof
The new-formed Zentro Porindis GmbH brings the Marin and Polygon brands under one European sales and distribution roof. A European dealer network is to be set up this year. Bernd Adamski continues to manage Marin in the German speaking markets; José Garcia Gutierrez handles the Polygon brand in Europe.

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