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SRAM Finalizes Schweinfurt’s Transition


SCHWEINFURT, Germany – In recent years, SRAM has been working on a transition of the Schweinfurt facility from a manufacturing location to a European Development and Training Centre (EDTC). To finalize this transition the company established a new management team for SRAM Germany.

SRAM Finalizes Schweinfurt’s Transition
New General Management Team for SRAM Deutschland: Bernhard Johanni (left), Marcus Schneider (center) and Richard Rüttiger (right).

“Their main job is to make this location a world-class representation of SRAM’s engineering and training skills and evolve the deep technical connection with customers”, said Denis Kelleher, VP of European Operations. Former GM Werner Pickel left the company last December.

New management team
Effective January 1, 2013, this new General Management Team for SRAM Germany is as follows: Bernhard Johanni, Richard Rüttiger, and Marcus Schneider. Bernhard Johanni (47) worked three years at Sachs as a bicycle components developer before he started at SRAM’s product development team. For more than 12 years Johanni has been Director Product Development Europe.

Richard Rüttiger (50) has more than 13 years of experience as SRAM Director Finance. Marcus Schneider (44) started in 2006 as Product Manager for Internal Gear Hubs (IGH), since 3 years he is the Category Manager IGH. Before that he worked 6 years as Product Manager at Winora and 10 years in bicycle retailer businesses.

“They will continue in their current roles while taking on the additional responsibilities of SRAM’s European Development and Training Centre,” said Denis Kelleher.

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