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Vittoria Opens ‘Nanographyte’ Compound Factory


BANGKOK, Thailand – Today Vittoria CEO Rudi Campagne (photo) and his partners opened a new bicycle tire compound factory. With this facility Vittoria is the world’s first tire maker using Nanographyte in its compounds.

Vittoria Opens ‘Nanographyte’ Compound Factory
Vittoria CEO Rudi Campagne: ’Nanographyte is the much needed breakthrough in bicycle tires.

Nanographyte brings favorable features to bicycle tires like air-tightness, lower rolling resistance and better grip.

For the usage of the Nanographyte additive in its compounds Vittoria entered into a joint venture with Directa Plus S.p.A.; the company that developed Nanographyte. With this JV Vittoria is the first to use this very special material outside the US. The Italian maker patented its Nanographyte technology for bicycle tires.

Largest premium tire maker
As a private label producer Vittoria, through its production base in Thailand called Lion Tyres (Thailand) Co. Ltd., makes tires for the world’s biggest brands. As the largest premium tire maker Lion Tyres also produces Vittoria and Geax tires, tubulars and tubes.

Nanographyte to bring Vittoria to next level
Vittoria and its partners invested 11 million US dollar in the new compound facility located in a new industry zone near Bangkok called ‘Detroit for the East’ as the car industry started new factories here. 60 people are producing the Nanographyte compounds that are to bring the Vittoria tires to the next level. CEO Rudi Campagne said at the opening ceremony: “Racing is casing. With our 40 year experience in making cotton carcasses for tubulars, our casings are the best in the world. The next challenge is in compounds.”

Nanographyte technology
The Nanographyte technology makes it possible for Vittoria to produce latex inner tubes that are 100% air-tight as well as lightweight. With 30 grams these inner tubes are the lightest in the world.

Breakthrough in bicycle tires
Lower rolling resistance, better grip and air-tightness for outer tires are the Nanographyte features. Campagne: “It could even be possible to bring all bicycle tires to tubeless levels as Nanographyte is the much needed breakthrough in bicycle tires.”

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