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NuVinci Expands European Service Center


GELSDORF, Germany – Fallbrook Technologies expanded its NuVinci European Service Center based in the vicinity of Bonn. Electrical engineer Alexander Dreyer was hired to provide customer service, training and technical support for OEMs, distributors and retailers.

NuVinci Expands European Service Center
Alexander Dreyer is the new man at the European NuVinci-Service Center.

“The growing market penetration of NuVinci products which comes together with a growing number of service requests, particularly in the e-bike segment, made us decide to expand our service center,” says Jack Brandsen, the NuVinci Director Sales and Business Development of Fallbrook Technologies in Europe.

Harmony support
“Besides customer service, Alexander Dreyer will also support our sales department. His knowledge of electronics will be exercised to support the NuVinci Harmony automatic shifting system for e-bikes in particular.”

Next to his daily work at the service center he will present workshops for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers on location as well as on trade shows. “Thanks to my technical affinity I can hopefully contribute to a higher service level of NuVinci”, says Alexander Dreyer.

New opening hours
The expansion of the service center allowed extended opening hours. The NuVinci Service Center Europe is open from Monday till Friday from 09:00-17:00. You can contact then by phone +49 2225 9090563 (German, English and Dutch spoken) or via e-mail: or

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