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BMC Invests Millions in New Stromer E-Bike Plant


OBERWANGEN, Switzerland – BMC officially opened its 8 million euro costing Stromer e-bike facility last weekend. It brings Switzerland its second ultra modern electric bike facility after the one from Flyer.

BMC Invests Millions in New Stromer E-Bike Plant
Three proud Chefs celebrating the factory opening; from left to right: BMC Chairman Andy Rihs, BMC general manager Thomas Binggeli and Stromer-CEO Christian Muller. - Photo Peter Hummel

The new Stromer plant measures 4,400 m² and has a staff of 72 to start with. With 14 assembly posts 200 e-bikes can be produced per week. The annual output of 10,000 Stromer’s (streamers) is intended primarily for the domestic market.

Stromer e-bikes destined for export to Europe are assembled by the company’s subsidiary in Riedstadt, Germany (near Frankfurt). An assembly line has been set up here recently. All other markets are directly supplied through Fairly Bike in Taiwan where BMC and Stromer bikes are made.

Biggest ‘coup’ in Swiss industry
The opening of the new Stromer e-bike factory comes after the biggest ‘coup’ in the recent history of the Swiss bicycle industry which took place end of 2011. At that time BMC ‘patron’ Andy Rihs appointed Thomas Binggeli as the new CEO of the BMC Group, who quit his job as CEO of its own brand Thömus but brought his e-bike brand Stromer as a kind of dowry.

Market success
The rapid market success of the brand launched in 2009 required a new plant. Because the planning was completed just before the Stromer takeover occurred, the plant was not built in the BMC headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland, but in the suburb of Bern, called Oberwangen, in the immediate vicinity of the ancestral Thömus-seat.

The new facility is called “Stromer-campus”. This trendy name stands for the fact that it is not only production what is to take place here; R&D is to be a big part of Stromer-campus. The new facility also reflects the remarkable commitment for the production site Switzerland. Andy Rihs: “The high-tech e-bike know-how developed and funded by us can be taken to the next level much faster and more precise in Switzerland.”

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