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Combining Electro Mobility on 4 and 2 Wheels


GENEVA, Switzerland – Swiss Rinspeed AG – a reputed creative ‘thinktank’ from the automotive industry – presented its latest urban e-mobility study at the today opened Geneva Motor Show 2013. The study is named MicroMax and combines a e-mini bus with Grace e-bikes.

Combining Electro Mobility on 4 and 2 Wheels
MicroMax combines an electric mini bus with Grace e-bikes which offers urban travelers the possibility to switch from the mini bus to the e-bike to reach all corners of the city. - Photo Rinspeed

The MicroMax – Grace combination is introduced by Swiss thinktank Rinspeed as urban transport of the future. “The Grace Easy is a pure e-bike with invisible battery pack. It fits best to our mini bus. Travelers in urban areas can easily switch from MicroMax to the e-bike; a very smart solution,” notes Rinspeed CEO Frank M. Rinderknecht.

Competitor to public transport
Rinspeed’s MicroMax mobility study is aimed at short distance mobility and is designed as a direct competitor to public transport. “When many MicroMax mini buses are cruising in cities in the not so far out future, people can locate them with their smart phones in order to hop-on. The MicroMax holds a Grace e-bike on a rack. It offers travelers the possibility to reach all corners of the city.”

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