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Riese und Müller Opens High Tech Factory


WEITESTADT, Germany – It started twenty years ago as a folding bike project of two engineers Markus Riese and Heiko Müller; their company Riese und Müller opened a brand new factory yesterday.

Riese und Müller Opens High Tech Factory
“We expect our turnover to increase from 10 million euro in 2012 to 14 million euro this year”, said Heiko Mueller (left) together with Markus Riese, owners of Riese und Mueller. - Photo Bike Europe

The folding bike Birdy formed the basis of their bicycle company. Today e-bikes and speed pedelecs are their main business. “Especially in the past two years, e-bike sales took off”, said Heiko Müller at the opening of the new factory. “Today 80% of our revenues comes from e-bikes and this market is still growing for us. We expect our turnover to increase from €10m in 2012 to €14m this year.”

Increased capacity
To facilitate the expansion of their business it was of utmost importance to move the factory from Darmstadt to nearby Weiterstadt. The new factory, warehouse and offices measures 6,000 square meters in total and has a production capacity of 25,000 bicycles per year.

The Birdy was one of the first full suspended folders on the market and this bike reached a cult status in many countries around the world. The high level of innovation, the full suspension and the distinctive frame design became the trademark of Riese und Müller. “We are still a high tech brand which helps to fit e-bikes into our range”, said Markus Riese, responsible for R&D. “It is our aim to become market leader for premium e-bikes on the European market.”

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