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Volvo Develops Cyclists Detection Radar


GENEVA, Switzerland – Cycling will become more safer with Volvo’s latest invention which was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva motor show where Doug Speck, a senior vice president, came bicycling out on the stage at the show for the introduction.

Volvo Develops Cyclists Detection Radar
The Volvo radar detects objects in front of the car. - Photo Volvo

Volvo has developed a new radar-based system that can detect cyclists and brake automatically to avoid them. It uses both radar and cameras to detect people on bicycles and automatically apply the car’s brakes if the rider swerves out in front of the vehicle.

Car brakes automatically
The system is an extension of the manufacturer’s existing pedestrian detection program, which can apply the brakes and stop the car completely if it’s travelling less than 25km/h. The radar detects objects in front of the car and figures out how far away they are, while a camera near the rear-view mirror identifies the object as either another car, a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist.

If widely adopted, the technology has the potential to dramatically reduce the number of deaths on the road; last year one-third of the people killed on Australian roads were either cyclists, pedestrians or motorcyclists.

Technology available mid-May
Volvo says the technology will be offered in all cars fitted with the auto-braking technology from mid-May 2013 in Europe, and Volvo Australia has confirmed that it will be offered on locally-delivered cars from about October 2013.

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