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Fallbrook Takes Next Step in NuVinci’s Software


AUSTIN, USA – Fallbrook made a new firmware update available for its NuVinci Harmony automatic shifting system. According to Fallbrook the newest firmware offers the user improved operation in extremely cold temperatures and enhances the bike owner’s overall riding experience.

Fallbrook Takes Next Step in NuVinci’s Software

“We are continuously evolving the electronic and the mechanical elements of our NuVinci shifting systems,” said Jack Brandsen, Fallbrook’s vice president, European sales, Bicycle Division. “We believe that this update will enhance the user’s experience when riding Harmony-equipped bikes.”

All Harmony systems shipped from Fallbrook to OEMs after February 1, 2013 already include this latest Version 2.1 firmware. OEM partners and dealers have been asked to issue a product update announcement to their customers to have their firmware updated at their NuVinci Harmony dealer of choice.

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