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Qwic’s Answer to Traffic Congestion


MILAN, Italy – The Q is Qwic’s answer on growing demand for individual transport in large metropolitan areas with a congestion problem. It was recently presented at the prestigious Milan Design Week.

Qwic’s Answer to Traffic Congestion
The Q reflects our vision on individual transport in the future.’ - Photo Qwic

In the center of the Italian design industry, the Dutch e-bike and e-scooter company Qwic showed its latest electric scooter design concept. “This visual prototype stands out because of its unique Urban Dutch design”, tells Qwic co-founder Taco Anema.

Vision on individual transport
“Some of its remarkable design features are the looping aluminum frame and the customizable and modular panels. The Q reflects our vision on individual transport in the future. Convenient, lightweight and practical.”

The frame supports the overall rigidity and is the basic fundament for the complete exterior design, protecting more vulnerable parts. The open space under the saddle enables the driver to carry personal luggage. Removable batteries ensure flexibility. All you need is a socket.

Awaiting market response
“With this concept we test the response on the design and see if there is a market for such revolutionary scooter. At this moment technical details, production plans or price are still unknown”, explains Anema. “But there is a great chance that this will be the pioneering electrical scooter everyone is waiting for. We are convinced the urban designed electric scooter is the perfect solution for commuting through the larger cities.”

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