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Settlement Reached in Dahon Versus Tern Dispute?


DUARTE, USA – In an unilateral declaration Dahon said it has settled its legal disputes with Tern. For almost two years both companies were involved in an ongoing dispute which originated from family troubles.

Settlement Reached in Dahon Versus Tern Dispute?
Dr. David Hon (l.) and Joshua Hon, the key players in the dispute. - Photo Bike Europe

In the statement Dahon declares that; “The uncertainties of litigation that have plagued our brand these past two years have been amicably settled on mutual acceptable, confidential terms. Accordingly we can now devote our complete focus to developing the excellent product that consumers have come to love in the past 30 years.”

Not comment
Although Dahon’s statement was sent in the eve of the Taipei Cycle Show last month, the opponent in the dispute, Tern still has not commented yet. The case between both companies is still very sensitive and perhaps not resolved completely as suggested.

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