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BMW: ‘Bike Industry Has To Learn Quickly


SCHWEINFURT, Germany – That the bicycle industry has to learn quickly was stated by BMW Group’s Project Manager for Innovation Projects in the area of E-Mobility, Stephan Augustin. He made this comment at SRAM’s ‘Urban Days’ event which took place last week.

BMW: ‘Bike Industry Has To Learn Quickly
“The bicycle industry doesn’t have e-knowhow. They have to learn quickly”, stated BMW’s E-Mobility manager Stephan Augustin at SRAM’s Urban Days event.

With Urban Days SRAM presented an inside look onto the new role of their former internal hub gear factory in Schweinfurt. It houses now SRAM’s European Development & Technical Center (EDTC) as well as all SRAM products and its IBD service center. An extensive report on Urban Days is in Bike Europe’s May edition.

Automotive industry will take over

At the Panel Discussion part of Urban Days, interesting comments were made by the BMW representative. He said: “The continuous upgrade of the bicycle product is a must. But this is a problem for the bicycle industry. They don’t have e-knowhow. They have to learn quickly. Otherwise the automotive industry will take over,” said Augustin.

‘Bicycles won’t take over’

Asked how he sees urban bicycle mobility in 20 years the BMW representative stated: “Bicycles won’t take over but will play a more important role than today. That’s the main reason why we introduced a unique folding pedelec as part of the official launch of BMWi mid-2012.”

BMWi is the official e-mobility platform of BMW.

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