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Dahon Sales Conference in Positive Mood Again


DUARTE, USA – Folding bike specialist Dahon concluded its sixth annual international sales conference in Malaysia mid-May, where the company hosted distribution partners from over 40 countries, with confidence.

Dahon Sales Conference in Positive Mood Again

At the meeting, Dahon CEO and Founder Dr. David Hon stated, “Recent developments have been very positive for the company and our customers. Having recently regained all rights to the Dahon brand, we are able to better support and empower our teams on all levels to work more efficiently worldwide.”

In addition to having regained control of the brand in all markets, Dahon has also reclaimed key digital media channels, including the website. The site will be used as the brand’s primary online presence and incorporated across all communication efforts including all social media platforms and promotional materials.

Folding bike market

Highlighting the conference was a review of the company’s current sales and developments by Dr. Hon, who painted a very positive and steadily increasing trend for the folding bike market worldwide. In some regions such as Asia, folding bike sales account for up to 30% share of all bicycle sales.

This strong development has impelled new distributors to take advantage of the prosperous opportunities with Dahon, expanding Dahon’s distribution network across South America, in Africa as well as in different markets in Europe.

2014 range

The 2014 Dahon product presentation at the sales conference emphasized a novel approach in raising the standards of Dahon’s R&D department. “The Product Development division at Dahon has really reached new heights,” says Ger Leeseman, GM of Buzaglo in the Netherlands and longstanding distributor for Dahon. “We were very impressed with the brand’s showing for 2014 and are excited to see what new advancements Dahon will present in the upcoming year.”

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