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SRAM’s Vision on Urban Category


SCHWEINFURT, Germany – Recently SRAM invited the international media to learn SRAM’s Urban vision and the successful transformation from a gear hub production facility to the EDTC (European Development and Training Center).

SRAM’s Vision on Urban Category
SRAM transformed its Schweinfurt gear hub production facility into the company’s European Development and Training Center. - Photo Bike Europe

In his speech SRAM President and founder Stan underlined the importance of Urban mobility and presented SRAM’s vision for the Urban Category:

  1. Develop innovative components in consultation with innovative companies. SRAM’s design philosophy for the Urban Category is simplicity and sophistication (Smart Simplicity) versus aerodynamic, lightweight and performance for Road and Mountainbike.
  2. Create a broad product line that enables a variety of choices.
  3. Maintain Best Dealer support in the market.
  4. Support advocacy work to improve cycling infrastructure.

Discussion panel about Urban mobility

SRAM invited renowned partners from inside and outside the bicycle industry at the first SRAM Urban days for a discussion panel about Urban mobility. Stephan Augustin from BMW Group/project i presented their Urban mobility vision, Kevin Mayne from the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) who was talking about the political impact and lobbying and John Kock from the Amsterdam design agency Springtime gave his view on Urban design needs.

A full report of the SRAM Urban Days can be found in the May issue of Bike Europe.

You can watch the full discussion in the video below.

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