News Article Enhances E-Bike Expertise


WÜRZBURG, Germany – Ernst Brust, founder and GM of German-based bicycle testing institute enhanced his field of expertise by becoming ‘first sworn expert for electric bicycles’. Enhances E-Bike Expertise
Founder and GM of German-based bicycle testing institute, Ernst Brust. - Photo

Brust is already a renowned expert for damages and damage assessment of bicycles as well as for wheelchairs and walking frames with wheels for many years. This specialism is now officially extended to e-bikes.

Followed by a hearing of the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce Würzburg-Schweinfurt Ernst Brust received a new certificate last 21 May.

Impartial reviews

“Technical and legal matters are much more complex and comprehensive for these products compared to purely mechanical bicycles. Qualified and impartial review of facts is therefore indispensable for all parties concerned”, stated Brust when receiving the new certificate.

“I am delighted that the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Würzburg-Schweinfurt shares this view and effected the diversification of my field of expertise upon application and examination.”

For now Ernst Brust has become the first and only publicly appointed and sworn-in expert for this product group that is of current interest way beyond bicycle industry circles. His long-standing commitment in this area has thus been officially confirmed”, is noted in a press release.

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