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Attention for E-Bikes in EU Car Mobility Debate


BRUSSELS, Belgium – End of May, electricity concern EDF organised a debate on electric mobility. The initiative was part of the European Green Week and was supported by the European Commission.

Attention for E-Bikes in EU Car Mobility Debate
Mobility on 2Wheels is taken increasingly into account at European Commission’s Directorate General Move. - Photo Trek

It consisted of an on-line debate and a live panel discussion in Brussels. The title of the event was: “Electric Mobility, driving the transformation of the city.”

At the debate the European Two-Wheelers Retailers’ Association (ETRA) expressed its regret over the fact that the subject matter of the discussion was limited to electric cars only. By means of several tweets, the European trade organisation made participants in the debate aware of the share, importance and potential of electric 2Wheel mobility in the European Union.

Disappointment: only electric cars included

At the panel discussion in Brussels, ETRA Secretary General Annick Roetynck reiterated the disappointment over the fact that no other means of transport but electric cars were included. She pointed out how the European Commission still too often overlooks electric 2Wheels in their policies and legislation, despite annual sales of more than 1 million as opposed to a few thousand electric cars.

Cars not linked to other means of transport

Annick Roetynck also observed that car manufacturers seem to have little interest in adopting a different view on the concept of mobility nor in linking up their means of transport with other transport modes.

Guilty to insufficient attention for 2Wheels

Olivier Onidi, Director of Innovative and Sustainable Mobility in DG Move, who admitted using an electric bicycle, pleaded guilty to Annick Roetynck’s ‘accusation’ of insufficient attention for 2Wheels. He added however, that the Commission was now trying its best to make up for this shortfall. He underlined that the unit ‘urban mobility’ in his department took 2Wheels increasingly into account.

In his opening speech, DG Move Director General Matthias Rüte said: “We will not solve the problem of congestion just through replacing conventional cars by electric cars. We also need to look at other solutions such as public transport, car-sharing, etc.” As well as 2Wheels!

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