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Azor Bike to Sell Machinery of ProActief


Azor Bike in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, is to begin selling the assembly equipment and machinery of ProActief. ProActief is a Dutch reintegration agency and one of the agency’s tasks was assembling bicycles, including producing some models for Azor for exporting to Germany and France.

Azor Bike to Sell Machinery of ProActief
Send a mail to Azor for an inventory list.

However, because various subsidies were withdrawn, ProActief has decided to stop the production of bicycles. “They produced for us, among others, the models Eendracht and Milano, especially for the German and French markets. We’re going to produce these models ourselves at our factory in Hoogeveen,” said Jan Rijkeboer, director Azor Bike.

Inventory list

The complete assembly equipment and machinery of ProActief is for sale. For information please contact Azor Bike BV tel. (0031) 528 – 23 45 67 e-mail
The inventory list for sale:
1 Bike assembly line    – 100 bikes per day
3 Machine Industrial Wheel Trueing Hollandmechanics – 40 wheels per hour
1 Machines Golz Einspeichmodul LT-1 2300 – 40 wheels per hour
7 Machine Lacing & Tightening Hollandmechanics CF – 55 wheels per hour
1 Tire assembly
1 Wheel store
1 Compressor Atlas Copco (new)
2 Spoke in Hub assembly
1 Spoke hole drilling for M3 spoke
1 Middle of Wheel check
1 Wheel Trueing with hand
1 Air tool for tire
1 Headset press
1 Frame storage
1 Fork Tapping & Thread Machine – 60 per hour
1 Fork Cutting Machine
1 Front fork cone press
2 Steer storage
2 Chaintool
1 Mudguard tool
1 frametool
1 Dropout tool
2 Headset tool
1 Nexus tool
1 Airtool Atlas Copco
2 Airtool Metabo
1 BB tool
1 Airtool
1 Crank tool
1 Air-stapelar
1 Seattube tool electric
2 Seattube tool
1 Tool
3 Air-Tool-Holder
1 Airgun

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