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Flyer: “Amazed by ADAC E-bike Test”


HUTTWIL, Switzerland – The high end e-bike brand Flyer was the most remarkable one in dramatic the e-bike test of the German Automobile Tourist club ADAC and the consumer organization ‘Stiftung Warentest’ published last week.

Flyer: “Amazed by ADAC E-bike Test”
“We are convinced of the quality and safety of our products”, said Kurt Schär General Manager of Biketec on the ADAC test of the Flyer C5R Deluxe. – Photo Biketec

See here for the Bike Europe report:

In an official announcement Kurt Schär GM of Biketec who owns the brand Flyer, said: “We are amazed about the results. Our tested frame fulfilled all relevant DIN EN standards. Also in other tests carried out by others, this e-bike was always listed as top model.”

Numerous customers

“Even during the high demanding Flyer field tests of the C-series no serious problems arose. On top of that thousands of Flyer C-series e-bikes have been rented in the tourism industry. We never got any reports of problems with frames. Numerous customers have already cycled more than 50,000 kilometers on the Flyer C-series e-bike. Also without any problem.”

“Based on these field experiences and the DIN EN test procedures we are convinced of the quality and safety of our products.”

Test results and criteria

Biketec does not want to reply in detail on the test results as long as they have not received the information in detail on the test results and criteria from the ADAC/Stiftung Warentest.

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