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Humpert’s Approved Replacement E-Bike Parts


Handlebar specialist Humpert compiled a list of e-bike components to make it easier for retailers to choose safe and approved handlebar and stem combinations in case of replacement.

Humpert’s Approved Replacement E-Bike Parts
According to Humpert, the maximum permitted total weight of 100 kg as stipulated in the DIN/EN 14764 safety standard is not sufficient in the case of e-bikes.

Pedelecs and e-bikes with pedal-assisted electric motors with speeds of up to 25 km/h which are exempted from Type Approval Guideline 2002/24/EG are subject to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. This means that parts can only be replaced by components which are mentioned on the applicable parts list of that specific bicycle.

Approval certificates

An exception to rule is that if a component manufacturer explicitly approves a component for specific use with the bike and confirms this with a certificate which must be carried with the bike.

Because most parts lists only contain a limited number of components, retailers in general are not familiar with the specific parts lists as well as the right seating position. Handlebar specialist Humpert tested and listed the specific approved handlebar/stem combinations for each riding position and purpose.

Meeting quality standards

“During testing we soon found out that you can only meet certain quality standards when you test handlebars and stems in combination with each other”, says Rolf Häcker, Product Development Manager at Humpert. “Sometimes the separate components apply to the standard, but not when mounted together.”

Weight limitations

Humpert stipulates that when parts are replaced the maximum permitted overall weight the bike has been designed for should be taken into account. Components that meet the basic city and trekking requirements as stipulated in the DIN/EN 14764 safety standard with a maximum permitted total weight of 100 kg, in some circumstances fail the test with a higher than permitted overall weight of 120 kg, 140 kg or even 160 kg.

“There is a simple explanation for the fact that the 100 kg as indicated the DIN/EN 14764 is not sufficient in the case of e-bikes. Generally the weight of the bike is approximately 25 to 30 kg. If this is deducted from the maximum permitted total weight, it leaves only 70 to 75 kg for the rider and luggage. Many e-bike users exceed this weight even without luggage”, says Rolf Häcker.

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