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Easybike Takes Over Mobiky; Opens new Facility


SAINT-LO, France – MGF Easybike Groupe which holds the European distribution and production rights for Solex e-bikes, has taken over folding bike maker Mobiky. Easybike brings the two brands together in a new production facility.

Easybike Takes Over Mobiky; Opens new Facility
From left to right: Pascal Baisnée, of Mobiky, Gregory Trébaol of Easybike and Arnaud Montebourg the French Minister for industry at the official announcement of the new facility. - Photo Easybike

The Easybike Groupe will open its new facility in Saint-Lô, Normandy at the beginning of 2014. The company organized an event for the official announcement of the new facility for which Easybike CEO Gregory Trébaol invited Arnaud Montebourg who is a prominent French Minister responsible for production and industry matters at the national government.

Re-industrialization of Solex in France

Montebourg provided the Easybike Groupe government incentives in order to accomplish the re-industrialization of Solex in France where, in the fifties, huge numbers of the light moped rolled of the assembly lines. However, the political support was not enough to convince French banks. But, Easybike CEO Gregory Trébaol has the confidence of the investment fund Sigma Management which is already since 2011 involved in the Easybike Groupe.

1st electric bike group in France

At the recent presentation of the new factory, Gregory Trébaol said, “Thanks to the support of the Minister Montebourg we can now realize a dream; creating an alliance between Easybike, Solex and Mobiky to give birth to the first specialized electric bike group in France.”

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